Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Montréal's Best Bakery: Première Moisson

There's nothing I love more than the sight of colourful pastries and the smell of freshly baked bread - so when I first discovered La Boulangerie Première Moisson, I almost had a heart attack - I mean, imagine a kid at Disneyland, except that it's an endless Disneyland and there's no time limit and no lines. Yes - that was exactly how I felt. I actually first learned about Première Moisson because a friend bought me two Chocolate spreads from there for my birthday - one Banana Chocolate and one Raspberry Chocolate, both of which were quite possibly the most delicious Chocolate spreads I've ever tasted (don't tell Nutella). From there on I expanded to the fruit jams, and then the pasta/house sauces. More recently, I've developed a love for their deli meats - which I know sounds like a weird thing to buy at a bakery, but I promise you -  it's very good.

As an added benefit, the last time I went to Première Moisson, I checked-in on Foursquare and my friend Fannie and I got a free baguette out of it, so if I haven't convinced you yet that this is the best place in the world, get Foursquare, check-in, and see for yourself!

Reaping the benefits of Social Media
*Images are courtesy of Premiere Moisson, except for the second one which is courtesy of my awesome cellphone.

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